An elderly woman died after falling into pond and being 'grabbed' by two alligators, 당국은 말한다

사라소타 카운티에서 80세 여성이 연못에 빠져 악어에게 붙잡혀 사망했습니다., 금요일의 플로리다, 당국은 말했다.

여성은 인근 골프장 연못에 빠졌다. 8:15 오후. at the Boca Royale Golf and Country Club in Englewood, 플로리다, according to a statement from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. 여자 “struggled to stay afloatand two alligatorsultimately grabbed her while in the water,” 성명은 말했다.
      The woman was pronounced dead on scene. The sheriff’s office and state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are currently conducting an investigation and the woman’s cause of death has not yet been determined, 진술에 따르면.
        A contracted alligator trapper was dispatched to the scene and removed two alligators from the area, the commission told CNN in a statement. One of the alligators measured 8 피트 10 inches while the other was 7 발 7 inches long. 하나, “it is unknown at this time if the alligators were involved in this incident,” according to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
          Serious injuries from alligator attacks are 드문 even in Florida, which is home to over a million alligators, according to the commission. 에 2021, there were only nine alligator bites recorded by the agency, and none were fatal.
          There have been at least two deaths linked to alligators so far this year in the United States. In late May, ㅏ man is thought to have been killed by alligators after searching for Frisbees in a Florida lake. 그리고 6월에, a person was killed by an alligator in Myrtle Beach, 사우스 캐롤라이나.

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