'N Beseerde kaal arend wat in die vislyn verstrengel is, is deur twee kinders en 'n paar brandweermanne in Florida gered

Brandbestryders in Florida het hierdie week gehelp om 'n kaal arend te red met 'n vishaak in sy snawel vas en die aangehegte lyn om sy vlerk en snawel.

Brandbestryders by Pasco County Fire Rescue Station 21 on Thursday were greeted by two children holding the injured bald eagle and seeking help, according to the station’s Facebook-bladsy.
The Eagle was tired, and its beak was wrapped in fishing line. After closer examination, Firefighters realized that the Eagle was underweight, a fishing hook was through his beak, and a fishing line was wrapped around his wing. The line was preventing the Eagle from eating and flying,” the post said.
The firefighters called Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife in Odessa for assistance and a volunteer came out to help.
It appears that the eagle was wrapped in the line for about two days, was underweight, and dehydrated,” the post said.
Florida has one of the densest concentrations of nesting bald eagles in the lower 48 state, with an estimated 1,500 nesting pairs, Volgens die Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Pasco County is located in the state’s west central coast north of Tampa.
After firefighters realized the bird was in distress, they called a local wildlife sanctuary for help.

After the eagle was examined, it was placed in a crate and taken to the sanctuary for treatment where Kris Potter, the sanctuary’s founder and director, successfully removed the hook.
The sanctuary posted on its Facebook page that the eagle is making up for lost time when it comes to food.
He’s chomping down all his meals with great enthusiasm and doesn’t leave a crumb behind,” the post said. “Intussen, this big guy is resting and recuperating—he’s already looking so much better!”
After the eagle is deemed stable, it will be taken to Busch Gardens in Tampa for further treatment, according to the post.
Thankfully the Eagle appears in good health, and veterinarians believe that the Eagle will fully recover,” the post said.
When the eagle is cleared for return to the wild, it will be released in the area around Station 21, the station said in its post.
A big thank you to everyone who helped save this bald Eagle’s life! We are #PascoProud and thankful for this happy outcome!” die pos afgesluit.
The sanctuary used the story to remind those who enjoy fishing to properly dispose of their trash.
And as a reminder, please discardall fishing gear appropriately! This is such a common problem we see in rescue and one that can be completely avoided!” the sanctuary wrote.

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