Un agente si è fermato per aiutare chi pensava fosse un automobilista bloccato. Anziché, ha aiutato a partorire un bambino

It was a Valentine’s Day miracle.

An officer who stopped to help who he thought was a stranded motorist near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Sunday morning quickly discovered the vehicle’s passenger was actually in labor, the Chicago Police Department said in a statement.
The officer immediately called the Chicago Fire Department for assistance.
But the woman could not wait for an ambulance as the baby was already crowning, ha detto la polizia.
    The officer was at the right place at the right time and was able to deliver a health baby boy,” ha detto la polizia.
    The mother and her baby were transported to a nearby hospital and are both “andando alla grande,” la dichiarazione ha aggiunto.
      While we would like to highlight this 25-year veteran officer and his remarkable work, he would prefer the spotlight be focused on mother and son,” ha detto la polizia. “Congratulations to the new mother and Happy Birthday to the newborn baby boy.
      Police spokesman Michael Carroll told the Chicago Sun-Times the officer is about two weeks from retirement.

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