Anderson Cooper paragona Trump al "dittatore",’ suggerisce di "regolare i conti con le persone’ che non sono di supporto

Anderson Cooper compares Trump to 'dictator,' suggests he'll 'settle scores with people' who aren't supportive

Ancora CNN Anderson Cooper compared Presidente Trump to a dictator just days after he expressed regret for his over-the-top rhetoric.

Trump is continuing to wage legal battles in several battleground states to challenge the results that handed President-elect Joe Biden a victory last week, but that hasn’t sat well with Cooper, who slammed the president Monday night.


In the mid-90s, I think it was ’96, I was in Kinshasa in the waning days of Mobutu and Mobutu was, sai, a pretty awful dictator and when he finally fled the country and the rebels were moving in to take the capital, his son drove around in a pickup truck with a machine gun and settling scores with people he felt had not been supportive enough for Mobutu,”

Cooper said to the panel. “Per fortuna, it hasn’t come to that here but I can’t believe we’re in a situation where a transfer of power is not- I can’t believe we are in this situation here. It just seems so petty. I know it’s about Georgia, I know it’s about setting up grievance politics that will perhaps allow him to run in four years again and give him a TV career.

Cooper went on to suggest that people will die if Trump continues to contest the election results because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

We’re in a pandemic and people’s lives- and even if you don’t think Joe Biden is going to become the president, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t allow transition funds, sai, to be given to at least start that process that if, infatti, the courts decide, as it seems they would, that there isn’t enough evidence this thing can continue and more people won’t die because of it,” the anchor continued.


The dictator comparison comes just days after Cooper appeared to walk back comments he made earlier in the week comparing trump to anobese turtle flailing on his shell in the hot sun, realizing his time is over.

I should say that I regret using those words, ’cause that’s not the person I really want to be,” Cooper said on Saturday. “E, uh, si, it was in the heat of the moment, and I regret it.”

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