L'avvocato della famiglia di Andre Hill, Sindaco di Columbus, il capo della polizia denuncia gli ufficiali’ mancanza di aiuto nelle riprese

Andre Hill's family attorney, Sindaco di Columbus, police chief decry officers' lack of aid in shooting

Authorities nel Ohio released additional footage Thursday showing other Columbus police officers responding after the fatal shooting of Andre Hill during which several minutes passed without first aid being administered.

Adam Coy, the officer who shot an unarmed Hill on Dec. 22, was fired Monday from the Columbus Division of Police. Ben Crump, attorney for the Hill family, decried Coy’s actions, which came seconds after encountering Hill in a residential garage.

Where is the humanity for Andre Hill?” Crump asked during a news conference while surrounded by Hill’s loved ones. “Where is the humanity for this Columbus citizen who committed no crime, had no weapon and was unarmed, only holding a cellphone.


Afterward, Crump tweeted a video Hill made last year encouraging his followers to enjoy life.

Do your thing ya’ll. Have your fun and enjoy yourselves,” Hill said. “Life is grand.

Coy was responding to reports of a vehicle being continuously restarted when he encountered Hill coming out of a garage in the early morning hours. collina, who was holding a cell phone in his left hand and whose right hand was not visible, was shot several times seconds after the two saw each other.

Coy’s body camera wasn’t activated during the shooting but alook-backfeature captured the last 60 seconds of video with no audio before the camera was turned on.

Officials found the newest batch of police footage disturbing. After Hill was shot, he remained on the ground for several minutes as officers tried to handcuff him before providing medical assistance.

Police Chief Thomas Quinlan said he feltanger and deep disappointmentafter watching the footage.

Let me repeat what I said last week: Andre Hill should be alive today,” ha detto in una dichiarazione. “A Columbus Police Officer is responsible for his death. I cannot defend it. I cannot make it right.

He put the blame for the shooting directly on the officer.

Adam Coy is the man who fired the shots that took Andre Hill’s life, and he is no longer a Columbus Police Officer,” Quinlan added. “His violations of policy and standards were so clear-cut and so egregious his termination could not wait.

Footage from Columbus police officer Adam Coy's body camera captures the moments after he fatally shot Andre Hill earlier this month.

Footage from Columbus police officer Adam Coy’s body camera captures the moments after he fatally shot Andre Hill earlier this month. (Columbus Division of Police)


Mayor Andrew Ginther, who called for Coy’s termination soon after the shooting because of his failure to activate his body camera, said he washorrified by the time that passed before any officer provided aid to Mr. Hill.

One of the Division of Police’s core values is compassion,” Egli ha detto. “None of this was evident in the video released today,” Egli ha detto.

He said he has directed Quinlan to investigate the events surrounding the shooting in an effort to hold the officers involved accountable. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting.

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