Andrew Cuomo investigation expands over politicization of vaccine distribution

The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that the state Attorney General has broadened the probe into the Cuomo administration into whether a Cuomo advisor provided access to COVID vaccines in exchange for support for the governor.

“The Big Saturday Show” discussed the governor’s allegations, stressing that Democrats should abandon party loyalty when it comes to Governor Cuomo.

 “Here’s the problem,” Fox News contributor Leo Terrell said, “This is where party loyalty should be abandoned. Governor Cuomo is bad for New York and bad for the country. And what Democrats are doing, they’re still protecting him.”

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy also blasted the mainstream media for their glorification of the governor’s leadership during the COVID pandemic.

“They’re part of that Democrat machine,” Campos-Duffy said. “You know, they really are invested in him. They really propped him up this summer as the savior and COVID as the foil to Donald Trump. And I mean, with every shoe that drops, Hollywood and the media look worse and worse.”

“It’s hard for me to feel sorry for New Yorkers because if it was happening in my state, everyone would be trying to get him out” Campos-Duffy added, questioning how the embattled governor could survive politically.

“I don’t understand how he keeps surviving, but it is New Yorkers, the Democrats and the media and the political machine that keeps pushing oxygen into this guy. And he’s just unbelievable to watch.”

Amid the prominent nursing home scandal and the sexual harassment allegations made against Cuomo, the governor still refuses to resign.

“People know the difference between playing politics, bowing to cancel culture and the truth. Let the review proceed, I’m not going to resign.” Cuomo said at a press conference in March.

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