Andrew Cuomo is the ‘essence of incompetent government’: 珍妮法官

Andrew Cuomo is the 'essence of incompetent government': 珍妮法官

福克斯新闻主持人 珍妮法官 Pirro ripped New York Gov. 安德鲁·库莫(Andrew Cuomo) Friday for blamingincompetent governmentfor the state’s 新冠肺炎 死亡人数.

“安德鲁·库莫(Andrew Cuomo), you are the essence of incompetent government,” Pirro clapped back on狐狸 & 友人.”

New York was the epicenter of the virus. New York had the highest number of deaths compared to any other state in the union, and he wants to blame it on the government? You’re the government, 安德鲁·库莫(Andrew Cuomo). You’re the one that was killing people.

Cuomo’s claim first came on MSNBC Tuesday and was repeated on CNN as the embattled governor pinned the COVID-19 death toll on former President Donald Trump and an incompetent federal response to the virus.

The governor’s remarks were followed by a report released Thursday from New York Attorney General Letitia James which found that the state’s Department of Health underreported COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50 百分.

It’s worse than we thought it was,” Pirro said, calling Cuomo’s policy of sending COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes adeath sentence.

Pirro also blasted Cuomo for putting on anentertainment showat the height of the pandemic with his lighthearted appearances on brother Chris Cuomo’s CNN show and the release of a book about COVID-19 leadership.

Talk about egos. This is pathetic.