Andrew Yang tearfully explains giving away his dog Grizzly

The New York City mayoral wannabe teared up on Monday while describing what he called a “difficult” decision to give away Grizz to a friend after his allergic son had a respiratory attack.

“That’s when I knew that we’d have to give our dog away,” Yang said through tears during a press conference in Brooklyn. “Oh, that was terrible. It was awful.”

Yang’s comments came after he raised eyebrows Sunday when he tweeted about giving up the pooch to “celebrate” National Pet Day.


Some on Twitter had given the former presidential candidate flak for relinquishing the pet, but Yang explained that it came after his older son, Christopher, had a severe asthma attack — and that the pup is safe and happy living with friends in California.

Yang acquired the dog with his wife before their kids were born, and said he at first was in “denial” that the dog was the cause of his son’s allergies.

“I’ve got to say, I was in denial. I was like, ‘No way he’s allergic to Grizzly,'” the mayoral polling front-runner said. But his wife, Evelyn, knew the dog was the issue.

“He was like a member of the family. We miss him all the time. He was, like, my best friend,” said Yang.

“Here’s the circle of life in New York City, at least it was for me and Evelyn,” he said. “You meet someone you love and get married, and then what do you do? You get a dog.”

“One of the jokes that some of our friends tell is that your dog is your kid until you have a kid. But it was heartbreaking. We still miss Grizzly.”

Asked why he tweeted the photo of his former pup, Yang said the post “felt very natural.”

“You know, it was National Pet Day and we still have a pet in our hearts, so I didn’t really think much of it,” he said.

“It was a day to celebrate pets and what they mean to us all, and Grizzly meant the world to me and my family and so it felt very natural.”

He said Grizz’s new owners “pamper him I think even more than me and Evelyn did.”

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