Andy McCarthy on Roe v. 웨이드 반전: 'The court showed a stiff spine' despite threats

라이브 업데이트: 대법원, ROE V를 뒤집다. 걸어 건너기

앤디 맥카시: The fact that this got leaked seven weeks ago does create some pressure on the court to get the decision out the door, so that it doesn’t … appear that the outside pressure worked on the justices. 동시에, 그렇습니다 ratchet up security concerns about the justices and their families. So that’s another factor that pushes them in the direction of getting it out when it was ready to go. I thought the court handled this from top to bottom in a very professional way. I hope that they would get the decision out quickly. But once they didn’t, I think they were trying to show a stiff-spine determination that they were going to do their work. They were going to do the kind of caliber work, not only that the Supreme Court characteristically does, but that is demanded by this moment. And when it was ready to go, they let it go.


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