Anna Faris accidentally reveals she eloped

Anna Faris has let slip that she and her partner Michael Barrett recently eloped.

The reveal came on an episode of her podcast “アンナファリスは無資格です” 今週はじめ 後に “ママ” star interviewed “最高のシェフ” judge Gail Simmons.
After speaking to Simmons, Faris was joined by matchmaker April Beyer to take calls from listeners seeking romantic advice.
    When one caller got in touch to say that she felt she was growing apart from her friends after getting into a relationship, Faris ended up telling Beyer and the listener that she and cinematographer Barrett were married.
      I think we’ve spent the last year in a place of reflection, in a place of prioritization to some degree, a place of anxiety, a place of assessment,” Faris said. “But I’m looking around, そう, my fiancé is righthe’s now my husband.
        Faris confirmed that she and Barrett had eloped.
        “申し訳ありません… I just blurted that out,” Faris said while her guests shared their excitement. “I couldn’t say fiancé anymore.
          The actress went on to say that the wedding had taken place at a local courthouse in Washington state: “「ダン・ボンジーノとのフィルタリングなし」で将来について話し合う… it was great.
          Faris said that she’d also let the news of her secret nuptials slip to her family in a similar way.
          The actress said her aunt asked how she was feeling about becoming a stepmother, to which Faris said she replied: “上手, 実際に, I am a stepmom as of four days ago.
          ザ・ “House Bunnystar was in high spirits after revealing the news and she appeared overjoyed as she shared further details about the low-key ceremony in San Juan island in Washington: “Everything about it just felt right.
          The episode was released on Monday.
            This is the third marriage for Faris, who was married to fellow actor Ben Indra from 2004 まで 2008. She then wed “銀河系の守護者” star Chris Pratt in 2009, with the couple announcing their split in 2017. Faris and Pratt share an 8-year-old son, ジャック.
            Pratt himself is remarried, あまりにも — he and Katherine Schwarzenegger 彼女がそれを呼んだ後にデートした人は、疎遠になった夫のジェイ・カトラーと一緒に辞めます 2019 and the couple have an 11-month-old daughter named Lyla.




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