Another GOP senator says it's time to begin transition process to Biden administration

华盛顿州 共和党参议员. Shelley Moore Capito said Monday it’s time for 总统当选人拜登 to begin “收到所有适当的简报” 平稳地传递动力, the latest crack in President Donald Trump’s GOP support as he continues to deny his election loss.

If states certify the results as they currently stand, Vice President Joe Biden will be our next president and Senator Kamala Harris will be our next vice president,” Moore said in a statement.
I will respect the certified results and will congratulate our nation’s new leaders, regardless of the policy differences I might have with them. As with any administration, I will look for common ground in the best interest of our state and our country,” 她补充说. “同时, I believe that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris should begin receiving all appropriate briefings related to national security and Covid-19 to facilitate a smooth transfer of power in the likely event that they are to take office on January 20.
Capito joins a number of other Republicansincluding Rep. Paul Mitchell of Michigan and Sens. 苏因·缅因州的缅因州和阿拉斯加的丽莎·默科夫斯基 — who have publicly signaled that they support starting the formal presidential transition process.
    Since CNN and other outlets called the election for Biden weeks ago, Trump has refused to accept the results, instead pushing baseless conspiracies that his second term is being stolen and launching a legal effort to overturn results.
    But losses for the Trump campaign and their Republican allies have piled up recent days. And despite pledges by Trump campaign attorneysincluding Rudy Giulianito continue the fight, nearly no viable post-election cases remain for the Trump campaign that could deprive Biden of the electoral votes to become president.
    Legal analysts have widely said Trump’s bids in court to change the election results will all fail.
      I have been clear that President Trumplike any candidate for officehas the right to request recounts and to raise legal claims before our courts,” Moore said Monday.
      “然而, at some point, 的 2020 election must end.


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