Anyone who wants to 'win' on Roe shouldn't want this leaked: Yoo

JOHN YOO: The Supreme Court has been around for 230 anni. It has decided many of the most important cases in our history. This is the first time an opinion has ever leaked from the Supreme Court. Così, sì, the justice is quite clear there in the interview. And I think everyone who served on the court or worked there would know this is a direct attack on the independence and integrity of the Supreme Court unlike any that’s ever happened before.

It was my honor to interview the justice that day, and I think he couldn’t have been clearer. La Corte, in order to do its job to protect all of our individual rights, to make sure the Constitution works properly, has to be a legal institution. And if you have leaks, if it becomes like Congress or the president – it can’t do its job anymore. So anyone who wants to win on Roe, pro-life or pro-choice, shouldn’t want to leak because it’s sacrificing the authority of the Supreme Court in the long run as a legal institution that protects our constitutional rights, not as just another political body.


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