AP 상단 25 Reality Check: Clemson shows staying power in poll

AP 상단 25 Reality Check: Clemson shows staying power in poll

Clemson lost at Syracuse on Oct. 13, 2017, and fell five spots to No. 7 in the AP Top 25 the following day.

The Tigers needed a few weeks to climb back into the top-five and settled in at No. 4 after winning at No. 20 North Carolina State in early November.


The Tigers have been a fixture in the top-five ever since. On Sunday — after an open week for No. 4 Clemson — the Tigersstreak of top-five appearances reached 50, the longest active streak in the country and the third-best in the history of the AP poll.

After only one top-five team played this weekend — three had their games called off because of COVID-19 — the AP poll was almost unchanged. Alabama remained an overwhelming No. 1 와 60 first-place votes.

The top-eight teams held their places, and overall 14 teams saw no change in their ranking from last week.

Alabama has the record for most consecutive top-five appearances in the AP poll with 68. That run was snapped last year after the Crimson Tide lost to Auburn to end its regular season with two losses.

Alabama also is tied for the fourth-longest streak of top-five appearances with 48 ...에서 2011-13.

The Tigers need six more weeks in the top-five to pass Miami’s streak of 55 straight top-five appearances from 2000-03. If Clemson can stay in the top-five for the rest of this season, it will be No. 2.

As for this week, Reality Check sizes up the stagnant rankings and hopes that next week provides a lot more action.

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아니. 1 앨라배마 (6-0)

다음: vs. 켄터키, 토요일.

Reality check: RB Najee Harris is making the most of his surprising return for a senior year, leading the SEC in rushing (119 yards per game) and touchdowns (14).

아니. 2 우리의 여성 (8-0)

다음: at North Carolina, 11 월. 27.

Reality check: QB Ian Book has never been better, 와 17 touchdowns accounted for (11 TD passes and six touchdown runs) and only one interception.

아니. 3 Ohio State (3-0)

다음: vs. 아니. 9 인디애나, 토요일.

Reality check: A nit to pick with Ohio State’s offense: The Buckeyes could use a third receiver to develop and go with the excellent pair of Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson.

아니. 4 Clemson (7-1)

다음: at Florida State, 토요일.

Reality check: QB Trevor Lawrence should be back to resume his run at a Heisman after a bout with COVID-19, but can he overcome missing two games — including a really big one — when so many other quarterbacks are lighting it up?

아니. 5 텍사스 A&미디엄 (5-1)

다음: vs. 미시시피, 토요일.

Reality check: Aggies were put on pause by COVID-19, but as long as Florida keeps rolling A&M’s victory over the Gators will keep it in the playoff picture.

아니. 6 플로리다 (5-1)

다음: at Vanderbilt, 토요일.

Reality check: The Kyle Trask-Joe Burrow comparisons are getting pretty eerie. Trask through six games: 2,171 yards passing, 28 TD, three INTs. Burrow through six games: 2,157 yards passing, 25 TD, three INTs. And Trask has done it all against SEC teams.

아니. 7 Cincinnati (7-0)

다음: at UCF, 토요일.

Reality check: The Bearcats have not allowed more than 17 points in a game against any of their FBS opponents. Austin Peay managed to put up 20 in a clear-the-bench blowout in September.

아니. 8 BYU (8-0)

다음: vs. North Alabama, 토요일.

Reality check: Could Pac-12 teams who lose opponents to COVID-19 arrange hastily scheduled games with the Cougars, who only have two games left and open dates on Nov. 28 and Dec. 5?

아니. 9 인디애나 (4-0)

다음: at No. 3 Ohio State, 토요일.

Reality check: The Hoosiers have built their unbeaten start against teams (Penn State, 미시간, Michigan State) that are more famous than good this year. Combined record of opponents: 3-13.

아니. 10 위스콘신 (2-0)

다음: at No. 19 Northwestern, 토요일

Reality check: As the Badgers buried Michigan, they got 87 yards rushing and a touchdown from freshman RB Jalen Berger. He has the highest ceiling among Wisconsin’s runners.

아니. 11 오레곤 (2-0)

다음: vs. UCLA, 토요일.

Reality check: Through two games with a new starting quarterback and an offensive line with five new starters, the Ducks are averaging 8.16 yards per play, best in the nation.

아니. 12 Miami (7-1)

다음: vs. 조지아 공대, 토요일.

Reality check: The Hurricanes dropped out of the top-10 after slipping by Virginia Tech, which is probably wise move by voters. While this has been a terrific bounce-back season for coach Manny Diaz, this isn’t a top-10 team.

아니. 13 그루지야 (4-2)

다음: vs. 미시시피 주, 토요일.

Reality check: A healthy Bulldogsdefense should chew up the rest of Georgia’s schedule.

아니. 14 오클라호마 주 (5-1)

다음: vs. 아니. 18 오클라호마, 토요일.

Reality check: The Cowboys would all but wrap up a spot in the Big 12 title game if they can win Bedlam with their stingy defense.

아니. 15 (넥타이) Coastal Carolina (7-0)

다음: at Appalachian State, 토요일.

Reality check: For all of the Chanticleerssuccess, they still need to beat App State to win their Sun Belt division. And that’s not going to be easy.

아니. 15 (넥타이) Marshall (7-0)

다음: vs. 샬럿, 토요일.

Reality check: Among teams with more than two games, the Thundering Herd lead the nation in scoring defense at 10.1 points per game.

아니. 17 아이오와 주 (5-2)

다음: vs. Kansas State, 토요일.

Reality check: The Cyclones are in the Big 12 경주, but face a difficult back stretch with Texas and West Virginia coming after this week’s Farmageddon rivalry.

아니. 18 오클라호마 (5-2)

다음: vs. 아니. 14 오클라호마 주, 토요일.

Reality check: The next star receiver for the Sooners: Freshman Marvin Mims has seven touchdowns on 25 잡다.

아니. 19 Northwestern (4-0)

다음: vs. 아니. 10 위스콘신, 토요일.

Reality check: The best set of linebackers in the Big Ten play for the Wildcats, with Paddy Fisher, Chris Bergin and Blake Gallagher.

아니. 20 USC (2-0)

다음: at Utah, 토요일.

Reality check: This team has looked nothing like the prohibitive favorite in the Pac-12 South, but a troubling 2-0 is still two steps closer to playing for the conference championship.

아니. 21 자유 (8-0)

다음: at North Carolina State, 토요일.

Reality check: Hugh Freeze’s team is looking to go 3-0 against the ACC. Not a bad resume builder for the former Ole Miss coach.

아니. 22 텍사스 (5-2)

다음: at Kansas, 토요일.

Reality check: Few teams are better than Texas at undermining themselves. The Longhorns are 119th in the country in penalties per game at 8.6.

아니. 23 Auburn (4-2)

다음: vs Tennessee, 토요일.

Reality check: Auburn enters the final stretch of the season well-positioned to spoil some seasons if the offensive gains can be sustained.

아니. 24 Louisiana-Lafayette (7-1)

다음: vs. Central Arkansas, 토요일.

Reality check: RaginCajuns became the first team to clinch a spot in a conference championship game. They’re the Sun Belt West champs for a third straight season. 지금, can they keep coach Billy Napier away from South Carolina?

아니. 25 Tulsa (4-1)

다음: vs. Tulsa, 목요일.

Reality check: If you don’t know Golden Hurricanes star Zaven Collins, you should. He might be the best linebacker in the country.

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