Ari Fleischer challenges Biden's victory lap on economy: He's a 'Trojan horse with a script'

“ジョブが作成されている理由は、COVIDが終わったためです,” フライシャー, Fox Newsの寄稿者, 議論した “フォークナーフォーカス. “Joe Biden didn’t end COVID. そして、クレジットが与えられる場合, it was as a result of the previous administration, the Trump administration, that accelerated the production of these vaccines. And Joe Biden is the lucky beneficiary of that.

The president instead attributed his $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan with boosting the labor market’s recovery from the worst downturn in nearly a century. The package, passed by Democrats in March, included a $ 1,400 stimulus check for most Americans and billions in funding to help accelerate the vaccine distribution.

None of this happened by accident, it’s a direct result of the American Rescue Plan,” バイデンは言った. “People questioned whether or not we should do that, even though we didn’t have bipartisan support. 上手, it worked.

Fleischer quipped the jobs numbers would have been the same if Donald Duck were president.

Joe Biden is a Trojan horse with a script,” Fleischer said. “Everything he talked about was a progressive liberal spending spree that had nothing to do with COVID, nothing to do with jobs. It’s just a liberal wish list come true.

Fleischer also called attention to the labor force participation rate remaining stuck at anexcessively low” 61.6 パーセント.

What it means is people aren’t participating in looking for jobs,” 彼が説明しました. “They’re happy to stay at home and they don’t count as part of being unemployed because they’re not looking for work. Why aren’t they looking for work? They don’t need to in many cases because they’re getting their excessive unemployment benefit check… that’s a problem.

Biden argued there’smore work to doto ensure the economy reaches full employment. There are still about 6.8 million fewer jobs than there were in February 2020, before the pandemic took hold.

FOX BusinessMegan Henney contributed to this report.