Ari Fleischer on 'Faulkner Focus': What's behind the worst poll yet for President Biden


ARI FLEISCHER: 그들은, 그리고 공정하게, they’re an outlier. This is the worst poll we’ve seen for President Biden. There are other polls that don’t have him as bad. Politico, 예를 들면, has him underwater, by seven points. Reuters has him below water by four points. So that’s all bad news for the president. But this is an outlier. But I want to dig into one set of numbers and that’s do you think Joe Biden is honest? You just talked about how 50% of the respondents in the poll said no. Why is that? 이것에 대해 생각하다. Here’s what Joe Biden has done to make that the case. He claimed that the reason that we have a border crisis is because it’s seasonal. He said that the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success. He claims that spending $ 3.5 trillion dollars costs nothing. The reason people don’t think he’s honest is because he’s not talking honestly. He’s reckless in his rhetoric. He wings it. He makes things up and people are now starting to see it.

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