Ari Fleischer on NYC councilwoman's condolences to accused cop killer's family: 'This is the madness we're in'

拒绝因本月早些时候下达的联邦起诉书而辞职: ‘THUGS IN BLUE’

ARI FLEISCHER: This is the madness we’re in now. This is what’s happening when you abandon morality, and then you try to find justifications for the killing of police. There is no justification. There are times that we need to have a system that helps people who have had difficult upbringings. We want compassionate Americans. But when you kill a cop, the book needs to be thrown at you. End of sentence. That is simple. That is all for anybody in public life to express sympathy to her killer? I wish we had recalls, that person should be thrown out of office.