Arizona AG on 'Faulkner Focus': 移民にハンターバイデンの絵を贈る, アメリカの納税者のお金ではありません

不法移民を支払うための報告されたバイデン計画 $ 450k一部の人への支払いを超える可能性があります 9/11, MILITARY FAMILIES

マーク・ブノヴィッチ: President Biden has been untethered to the Constitution and any legal authority since day one of his administration. あなたが知っているように, we have multiple lawsuits. 実際には, literally on Friday the U.S. Supreme Court accepted our case involving the public charge rule, which the Biden administration abandoned their defense of a statute that basically – a rule that says you have to be able to support yourself. This is what I call incentivizing people to come here.

And now you throw on top of this their unwillingness to enforce existing law. And now essentially monetizing, giving people payments close to half a million dollars that have broken the law. It’s quite frankly, not only unconstitutional, it’s unconscionable. And I’ve got an idea. Breaking news. Instead of giving them $ 450,000 in hardworking American taxpayer cash. Let’s give them all a Hunter Biden painting. They can have one Hunter Biden painting. We’ll call it all equal.