Arizona attorney general suing Biden administration slams 'complete hypocrisy' of COVID vaccine mandates


MARK BRNOVICH: I don’t think we can have any sort of serious discussion on COVID that doesn’t begin with talking about what’s going on in our border. I think it demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Biden administration where they’re completely ignoring that problem, which we know has a great effect on us. And then literally what they’ve done is they’ve said if you’re a non-citizen, you have the option whether to take the vaccine or not. But if you’re a U.S. 시민, you’re going to be required to take the vaccine. And so that clearly violates the equal protection clause. But secondly, I think it’s just really important to emphasize, 남자, is that if you read our lawsuit, we also make the case that the president himself does not have any power anywhere in the Constitution, especially when you consider the 9th and 10th Amendments, to mandate anybody anywhere should get the vaccine. So from Jump Street, our position is is that this is an unconstitutional exercise of police powers the president doesn’t have. And furthermore, even if he could, he’s doing it in such a way that’s completely contrary to the Constitution, where he gives people that are here illegally a pass, an option whether to take it, but then he’s forcing U.S. citizens to get the vaccineI think shows the complete hypocrisy and contradictions within the Biden administration.

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