Il presidente del GOP dell'Arizona Kelli Ward respinge le richieste di revisione delle elezioni del partito

Kelli Ward on Friday rejected calls for an audit into her recent reelection as the chair of the Arizona Republican Party and other party races, sostenendo che il GOP statale non ha la struttura per rivederli.

We don’t have the structure to be able to do an audit,” she said on KFYI’s radio showThe Conservative Circus with James T. Harris,” aggiungendo, “But we welcome their input to make elections bigger.
She added that the structure for an auditdoesn’t exist in our process, our procedures, our bylaws, in statute.
Ward, one of the most fervent proponents of former President Donald Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him, claimed not only that an audit was not possible, but that calls for it were being pushed as a way to attack her.
    She argued that the only people demanding an audit are Sergio Arellanoa Tucson small business owner who challenged Ward for the top state party joband people who were part of his campaign.
    Arellano did not respond to CNN’s request for a response to Ward on Friday.
    La settimana scorsa, Ward secured a second stint as chair of the state party, beating Arellano by 3 punti percentuali. Arellano on Thursday requested an audit of the votes cast in the race for Arizona GOP chair and other party elections.
    I anticipate the State GOP will do a solid job here and provide election officials around the state with an example of how to conduct a timely audit and how important ballot security and paper backups are,” Arellano said in a statement posted to Facebook.
    He claimed that areversal of the stated resultsin another party race prompted anumber of state committeemento raise concerns and reach out to him to ask that he request an audit. Sandra Dowling was announced the winner of a bid for Arizona’s 8th congressional district’s member-at-large committee, only to have the win pulled back because of an error.
    During the radio interview, Ward went on to attack the media, saying stories about the possible audit were trying togin up something that just doesn’t exist” e quello “everything was above boardwith the election.
      Ward’s tenure as chair of the party has been defined by her unwavering support for Trump, having repeatedly backed his maneuvers to overturn the presidential election results, including in Arizona, quale Joe Biden won by more than 10,000 voti.
      The former vice president became the second Democrat since Harry Truman in 1948 to win Arizona in 2020. In the wake of Biden’s win, Ward lashed out at some Republicans who backed the new President, including Cindy McCain, the late Sen. John McCain’s widow, and former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

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