Arizona GOP chair subpoenaed in federal investigation of fake electors

Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward and her husband, Michael Ward, were both subpoenaed on Friday as part of the federal investigation into fake slates of electors, 이 문제에 익숙한 소식통이 CNN에.

The investigative move is just the latest sign of the widening probe that stemmed from the January 6 폭동. Federal investigators are pursuing information in all seven battleground states that former President Donald Trump lost and where his campaign convened fake electors, a person briefed on the matter told CNN.
Both of the Wards acted as so-called alternate electors in Arizona. The source also confirmed that two others involved in the effort, Nancy Cottle and Loraine Pellegrino, also received subpoenas.
    Alexander Kolodin, an attorney for the Wards, CNN에 말했다: “This is an investigation based on allegations that our clients engaged in core First Amendment-protected activity, 구체적으로 특별히, petitioning Congress for redress of grievances.
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