Arizona police investigate a deadly shooting rampage across three crime scenes, including a burning house where a body was found

Police in Tucson, Arizona, are investigating a deadly shooting rampage across three different crime scenes including a burning house where a charred body was found Sunday.

The shooting rampage began at a park, not far from a residence that police believe was set alight by the suspect, Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus said during an evening press conference. He said two or three children linked to the residence were missing.
At the park, the suspect opened fire Sunday afternoon on an ambulance, striking a 20-year-old EMT driver in the head and a 21-year-old EMT worker in the arm and chest. The suspect had flagged the two EMTs down and pointed in the direction of the nearby residential fire before shooting them, according to a statement from the Tucson Police Department. The driver is in critical critical condition and the second EMT worker is in a stable condition, Magnus said.
      While the park shooting was unfolding, fire department personnel and some neighbors were trying to extinguish the nearby house fire.

        Burning residence

          The 35-year-old male suspect shortly arrived at the burning property and opened fire, Magnus said.
          A 44-year-old neighbor was shot in the head and killed, according to the police chief. He said a Tucson Fire Department captain of 17-years service was hit in the arm but is in stable condition, while a second neighbor was grazed in the head by a bullet and in a good condition.
          A badly burned body was also found inside the home but authorities had not yet been able to establish its gender or relationship, if any, to the suspect, Magnus said.
          He said police responded after fire personnel had notified them that they were being shot at as they fought the blaze. An officer-involved shooting occurred at a third location after the suspect fled the scene and was sighted by a police officer.
          Chief Magnus said the officer and the suspect saw each other and the suspect proceeded to ram the officer’s patrol car, disabling it. The police officer was able to exit the car when the suspect began shooting and returned fire, striking the suspect, Magnus said.
          The suspect — who police did not identify — is in “very critical condition” the chief said. Police believe only one suspect was involved in the complex incident, he said.
          The chief said the officer who exchanged gunfire with the suspect is an 8-year veteran of the force.
          “This is both a highly tragic, really horrific incident with many unknowns at this time,” Magnus said during the press conference.
            Police are also searching for the whereabouts of two to three children who are connected to the residence where the deadly house fire took place.
            The investigation is ongoing.

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