Arizona US Senate candidate says 'America First' is here to stay

布莱克大师: We’re seeing a seismic shift. “美国第一”? It’s here to stay. President Trump launched this movement in 2016 和男人, he upset the apple cart. He upended the political establishment. I think he literally saved the country by winning in 2016. And he did it by running on and then delivering this bold agenda. It’s secure the border, 对? It’s stop the senseless wars abroad. Let’s be smart and tough, but we got to stop that. He delivered this economy that worked. It worked for American workers and families. And… he doesn’t get enough credit for this part. People forget about it. President Trump championed traditional conservative causes. It’s because of him more than anybody else that we, 马上, have the most pro-child, pro-family, pro-life Supreme Court that this nation has ever seen. It’s incredible. And the energy has shifted.

我认为 [Arizona’s] a pro-life state, and I think this is a pro-life country. 马克凯利, he doesn’t care about the open border. He doesn’t care about inflation. It’s why he’s a rubber-stamp vote for the Joe Biden agenda. What he does care about apparently is unlimited partial-birth abortion. He can’t articulate any single restriction. He’s all for Planned Parenthood going in at seven months in utero to sever spinal cords and dismember babies. I’m sorry to be so graphic, but we have to talk at this level. That’s what it is. I think it’s ghastly. He’s out of step with Arizona.