COVID-19 처리에 대한 아칸소 주지사: 바이든은 주에 더 많은 유연성을 제공해야합니다

마크 티센: 조 바이든만큼 빨리 '은혜에서 멀어진' 미국 대통령은 없다 2021

ASA 허친슨: It’s a little bit ironic. 내말은, 예방 접종에 대한 연방 규정을 볼 때마다, they have in this administration utilized federal power rather extensively and that’s one of the things we’re in litigation about. So it’s a little bit inconsistent. But I also take it as a good faith statement to say we’ve got to get through this together in partnership. We can’t do it by the federal government alone. The president is absolutely right; he’s relied upon the states to get the job done. I’m just saying give us a greater deal of flexibility in terms of how to manage and don’t use the federal authority to take that away from us.

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