Veterinario del ejército dice que la escuela rescindió el puesto de entrenador debido a publicaciones en las redes sociales

“Salí del ejército en mayo del año pasado.. En octubre, Me acerqué a la escuela y en noviembre me ofrecieron un trabajo para entrenar allí.. But come January they reached out and said that certain posts and political opinions I voiced didn’t reflect well on the school so they pulled the offer and since then I was really disappointed about it,” Kemper toldAmerica’s Newsroom.”


Kemper, an Army veteran who served as a specialist in northeastern Syria and graduated from Loyola Academy in 2013, was in November offered employment as a freshman baseball coach.

While Kemper received a letter that “oficialmente” invited him to coach the team, his employment was subject to a background check, concussion testing and other unnamed stipulations, according to emails reviewed by Fox News.

The part-time offer, which Kemper accepted in writing two days after it was received, paid a stipend of $ 2,755 that would be raised by a little more than $ 1,000 every three years.

An offer, plus acceptance of that offer, plus the party relying on that offer constitutes it is legally binding under contract law.

But in early January 2021, before Kemper received the official paperwork for an offer, he got a phone call saying the opportunity was being withdrawn due to some politically sensitive Facebook posts that questioned COVID-19 restrictions issued by different states.

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