Army veteran blasts 'feckless, incompetent administration' for Afghan failure on 'Justice with Judge Jeanine'

Jeanine Pirro introduced Bequette and Logan, asking “And here we are 20 years later, the Taliban is running Afghanistan, armed to the teeth with all the military supplies that we left them, and now we are trying to bring them into nations saying they are cooperative and business-life in their negotiations. What say you about all this?”

Bequette described this situation as being caused by “a feckless, incompetent administration” that is attempting to treat the Taliban as “an equal regime.”


“Fast forward 20 years, we have a feckless, incompetent administration that you are exactly right is making us less safe than ever before. [Biden] treats the Taliban as an equal regime which, of course, they are not. They are a terrorist organization,” Bequette said.

Logan criticized the administration for leaving U.S. citizens and allies in Afghanistan, saying the United States is not trusted internationally anymore. 

“Nobody trusts the United States anymore. And why would they? We literally took the lists of American citizens and also green card holders and Special Interest Visa holders and any other Afghan who worked with us and was vulnerable and at-risk and we gave it to the Afghan al-Qaeda to hunt them down and murder them,” Logan explained.

She further claimed that Biden’s actions were not only caused by “incompetence,” believing that there are “too many indications” that the administration knows what it’s doing.

“I don’t believe it’s incompetence. There are way too many indications that indicate we know exactly what we are doing. Every standard procedure from disintegrating machines that are supposed to destroy our data to the attack planes and all the military equipment we have in place. There are 400 million things we could be doing right now to change the outcome,” Logan said.

She also highlighted the Afghan people who continue to fight despite America’s actions.

“There are still Afghans fighting today, special operations forces that never gave up. The democratically elected leader of Afghanistan, the acting president is still fighting today. And we have chosen to side with terrorists and we’re intending to fund them with U.S. taxpayer money which is the greatest disservice to every American,” Logan said.

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