Arnold Schwarzenegger Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of California.


Birth date: 칠월 30, 1947
출생지: Thal, Austria
    Birth name: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
    Father: Gustav Schwarzenegger, police officer
    Mother: Aurelia Jadrny
    Marriage: Maria Shriver (4 월 26, 1986-present, separated)
    Children: with Maria Shriver: 크리스토퍼, 구월 27, 1997; 패트릭, 구월 18, 1993; Christina, 칠월 23, 1991; Katherine, 12 월 13, 1989; with Mildred Baena: Joseph, 십월 2, 1997
    Education: University of WisconsinSuperior, B.A., 1980
    Military: Austrian Armed Forces, 1965

    Other Facts

    Five-time Mr. Universe winner.
    Seven-time Mr. Olympia winner.
    Admitted to taking steroids while body building in his youth.
    His father belonged to the Nazi Party.

    타임 라인

    1967Schwarzenegger wins his first Mr. Universe competition.
    1968 – Moves to the United States.
    1970 – Wins Mr. Universe, 씨. Olympia and Mr. World competitions.
    1977 – Schwarzenegger is profiled in the weightlifting documentary, “Pumping Iron.
    1982 – Stars in the movieConan the Barbarian.
    1983 – Becomes a US citizen.
    1984 – Stars in the movie, “The Terminator.
    1990 – Stars in the movie, “Total Recall.
    1990-1993 – Serves as chair of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, appointed by US President George H.W. 부시.
    1991 – Stars in the movie, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
    1994 – Stars in the movie, “True Lies.
    1997 – Undergoes surgery to replace a congenitally defective heart valve.
    십월 2, 2003 – The Los Angeles Times publishes a story in which six women claim Schwarzenegger made unwelcome advances towards them in incidents dating from the 1970s to 2000. Schwarzenegger declares that most of the allegations are untrue but says that he apologizesif I offended anyone, because that was not my intention.” 나중, nine more women come forward with accusations.
    십일월 17, 2003 – Is sworn in as governor of California.
    12 월 08, 2003 – Hollywood stuntwoman Rhonda Miller accuses Schwarzenegger of sexual harassment and files a lawsuit alleging defamation by the governor and his campaign staff. A judge later dismisses the lawsuit.
    행진 2004 – Announces he has accepted the position of executive editor for the fitness magazines, Muscle & Fitness and Flex.
    칠월 15, 2005 – Announces that he will terminate his contract with Muscle & Fitness and Flex after complaints of a conflict of interest are lodged.
    십일월 7, 2006 – Is re-elected governor.
    일월 3, 2011 – Last day in office as governor.
    칠월 1, 2011 – Shriver files for divorce.
    십월 2012 – His autobiography, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story,” is published.
    행진 6, 2016 – Endorses Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the GOP presidential primary.
    일월 2, 2017 – The New Celebrity Apprentice debuts to underwhelming ratings. US President-elect Trump ridicules Schwarzenegger on Twitter for low Nielsen ratings.
      십월 23, 2020 – Reveals on social media that he has undergone surgery to replace his aortic valve.




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