Arresto effettuato in modo brutale 1982 omicidio di un adolescente californiano, dicono i funzionari

Un uomo di 75 anni è stato arrestato la scorsa settimana e accusato di omicidio stradale 1982 stupro e omicidio di un'adolescente in California dopo che il DNA lo ha collegato alla scena, ufficiali hanno annunciato martedì.

Karen Stitt, 15, was last seen by her boyfriend when he left her near a Sunnyvale, California, bus stop the night of September 2, 1982, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. l'adolescente, worried he would get in trouble with his parents for being home late, left after watching Karen walk toward the stop, secondo una denuncia penale.
La prossima mattina, the girl’s body was found near a cinder block wall about 100 yards from the stop. Investigators determined she had been sexually assaulted and stabbed 59 volte, la denuncia ha detto.
      The trail went cold for decades until a tip led investigators to Gary Ramirez, who was arrested at his home in Maui, Hawaii, in agosto 2 and charged with murder, the DA’s office said.
        Karen Stitt in an undated photo.

        Ramirez is expected to appear in court Wednesday for an extradition hearing to bring him to California for an arraignment, ha detto il comunicato. CNN has not been able to identify an attorney for him at this time.
          Investigators were able to connect Ramirez to Stitt’s death by comparing a DNA sample from his child to DNA evidence found at the scene of Stitt’s murder, secondo la denuncia.
          It began with the help of advances in DNA analysis, which allowed investigators in 2000 to create a DNA profile of an unknown male suspect using DNA from blood and other samples found at the scene, dice la denuncia. The DNA analysis allowed them to officially rule out Stitt’s boyfriend as a suspect, but the profile did not match anything in available DNA databases, la denuncia ha detto.
          Gary Ramirez in 1979

          It wasn’t until Detective Matthew Hutchison got a tip in 2021 when he started investigating Ramirez and his brothers as potential suspects and eventually homed in on Gary Ramirez, la denuncia ha detto. It did not indicate what led to the tip about Ramirez’s family.
            All'inizio di quest'anno, using a DNA sample obtained from Ramirez’s child, a lab concluded there isvery strong statistical supportthe DNA found at the crime scene belonged to Ramirez, la denuncia ha detto.
            The operation to arrest Ramirez tookmonths of planning and was a coordinated effortbetween Santa Clara County, Maui law enforcement and federal authorities, ha detto l'ufficio del procuratore distrettuale. It was largely funded through a US Justice Department grant awarded to the district attorney’s office by the Department of Justice to help investigate and prosecute cold cases, l'ufficio ha detto.

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