Mientras la agenda de Biden falla, despertará la agenda se levantará: Ramaswamy

“Cuanta más inflación vemos, cuanto más oferta y escasez comercial vemos, Cuantos más desastres de política exterior vemos, the more you’re going to see the Biden administration talking about racism or misogyny, or bigotry or whatever as a way of changing the subject,” él dijo. “The Biden administration using and projecting these progressive values as a smokescreen to deflect accountability for their actual policy failures.

Mark my words,” él dijo, when the going gets tough with skeletons in the casa Blanca‘s policy closet, the woke agenda will become fiercer.


You saw it in Afganistán, por ejemplo. You have the Talibanes coming to power. You have actual terrorists coming to power in a place that we left just a couple of months ago. And yet the thing that we’re actually talking about with Merrick Garland is domestic terrorism in the form of parents who are actually putting up protests to the way their kids are being taught in colegio. [Su] a classic example of changing the subject

Ramaswamy surmised that the economic fallout will cause theOccupy Wall Streetsection on the left to redirect the conversation away from wokeness.

As you begin to see an economic recession and economic consequences in this country, as you begin to see inflación, as you begin to see gas prices go up, I think we’re actually going to see the rise of the Occupy Wall Street Left come back and say we on the left need to be going back to arguing about economic inequality, as opposed to talking about racism and misogyny and bigotry.

And you know what? I think that’s going to be a good thing for the Left. I think it’s going to be a good thing for this país because that’s ultimately what the Left and Right ought to be arguing about.




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