A's Chris Bassitt explains why he returned to mound after scary facial injury: 'We are the green and gold'

Bassitt는 A's에서 3이닝을 무실점으로 투구했습니다. 6-5 매리너스에게 패배. 경기 후 트윗에서, Bassitt explained why he returned to the mound and posted a few gut-wrenching photos of the bruises he suffered as a result of the ball that hit him.

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Why did I come back? 점은 무엇인가? I’ll tell you why… We are the green and gold. Bob Melvin is our manager. Don’t make excuses and get you’re ato work. If you won’t do it then we will find someone who will. This org turns you into a better person and im grateful,” 그는 트윗했다.


Bassitt suffered the injury on Aug. 17 off the bat of Brian Goodwin of the Chicago White Sox. The ball traveled at 100 mph and struck him in the face.

I am very blessed and thankful for the circle that I have made in baseball,” he told reporters after the game. “When things happen like that, you really find out who’s with you, and I’m beyond blessed to have the people that I have with me.

Bassitt is going to be a crucial part of the A’s playoff push. Oakland is unlikely to win the AL West with the Houston Astros controlling the division but sit four games back of the final AL wild-card spot. The A’s have a crucial home series against the Astros starting Friday.

The Astros and Mariners are the final opponents on Oakland’s schedule.

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