As Election Day drags on, waiting is the hardest part

We were warned what could happen.

Premonitions of ared miragefrom in-person votes favoring President Donald Trump tallied before mail-in ballots skewing to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump casting doubt on the entire process far ahead of November 3. Key swing states with laws barring them from counting the mountain of mail-in ballots before Election Day self.
More than anything, we were told to be patient.
Yet for those eager to put the 2020 election to a close, that wait is proving easier anticipated than done.

    Here’s what we know so far.
    Biden is planning a prime-time address at 8 nm. ET from Delaware. Trump het no plans to concede, reports CNN’s Kevin Liptak, Kaitlan Collins and Jamie Gangel.
    Maak nie saak wat gebeur nie — or who wins — a peaceful transition of power can and will happen at noon on January 20, every four years.
    Here’s what else we know. Georgië is about to become the center of the political universeeven after a recountthanks to potentially two runoff elections that could determine control of the US Senate.
      Bo op dit, more Americans than ever before voted this year, assisted by heroic poll workers and election officials, all ensuring everyone had the chance to cast a ballot. Despite a deadly pandemic, historic unemployment, concerns of Election Day unrest and everything else, the nation cast these votes at a historic clip.
      Die punt: There’s still a lot to be determined. But we know this: The nation has successfully pulled off another election, with historic turnout, under incredible circumstances. En daarvoor, we should be very proud.




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