As facts come in Texas school shooting, it can be more painful for families: Harold Ford Jr.

哈罗德·福特 JR。: 当然, we have to, and again, my prayers, as I know that all of ours do go out to these families and to this community, but to build on Jesse’s point, we as pedestrians and as parents of students or kids in those schools, we assume that teachers know their job, that police officers and law enforcement know their job. 所以, it can’t be for meto try to figure out, to sort out who’s in charge on the scene.

德州学校拍摄: 校园外的亲人在枪击过程中请求警察进入校园: ‘进去!’

I would assume that, that would be the case. I read probablyone of the more interesting, if not daunting statements of reports I read also, to some of the things you guys were talking about was that they were telling parents that they could not go in and that the police officers were not going in, 要么. 现在, I would probably be dead today, 法官 [珍妮·皮罗], if I were on the scene, because they would have had to shoot me or really, really take strong action.

I’m not that big of a guy, but if my Georgia and Hef were in that school, there’s no way whatsoever my mental and emotional and physical makeup would have allowed me not to go in. 现在, if you’re a police officer, I think a question has to be asked, not of generally police officers, but there: Why wouldn’t you have done exactly what you said? 它已经 3,448 days since the killingof the kids at Sandy Hook.

We’ve had 900 shootings in schools across the country since then. That’s one shooting every four days, more than that over a period of time. There has to be protocols for this, but look, 我同意你的看法. Let’s let more of the facts come forward, but as facts do come forwardit can only be even more painful for the families and for the parents in that community.