As omicron threatens US, is Biden up to the task?

It is also not speculation; it’s the reading from the most recent Economist/YouGov poll, which found only 17% of the nation approves strongly of Biden’s performance even as 39% like him as a person.

Unhappily, nearly everything Joe Biden says and does only confirms growing doubts about his ability to intelligently lead this nation. His recent interaction with reporters during his holiday in Nantucket was not encouraging.


Asked about the ban on flights from eight African nations, Biden explained: “And we’reI spent about a half hour this morning with my COVID team, led by Dr. Fauci. And so that was the decision we made.

Not to nitpick, but a decision to halt flights from several nations seems consequential both diplomatically and in regards to health policy. Was half an hour sufficient to review all the options, the information we have about the new COVID strain, the logistical challenges involved and other issues? Has Biden simply handed off decision-making about national policy to Anthony Fauci?

Le preguntaron, por ejemplo, why he didn’t impose the restrictions to take effect immediately, as EU nations have done, rather than wait a few extra days. His answer? “Bien, because that was the recommendation coming from my medical team.Leaving us to wonder, what was the president’s view? Does he take any responsibility?

Asked if he was worried about the “significativo” sell-off in stocks that greeted news of the new COVID outbreak, Biden said he wasn’t concerned at all. When a reporter asked, “Por qué no?” Biden answered, “Because why would it?”

Bien, maybe because, señor. presidente, American investors and savers just lost hundreds of billions of dollars. Y, if the stock market takes a serious hit in coming days or weeks, your approval ratings will sink even deeper into the basement, along with consumer sentiment. That would not be good for the economy, or the country, or for you.

Biden cannot get out of his own way, especially on inflation, currently the nation’s top concern.




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