Asia expert calls on Biden admin to take a 'Reagan posture' with China

versoek Biden om MiG's te stuur: Eerstens, China has declared a quote unquote people’s war on the US. They did that in May 2019 with People’s Daily, the most authoritative publication in China. When People’s Daily speaks, that’s China speaking. En ons weet, COVID that Blinken talked about. Wel, Sjina, we don’t know where COVID 19 came from, but there’s 100% that we know that China deliberately spread COVID-19 beyond its borders. Ons weet 100% that China is behind these large, far-flung fentanyl gangs. And that means 100,000 Americans have been killed each year with Chinese fentanyl. And that’s deliberate. So I don’t know how you work with a country like that. And when you say that you have to work with a country like China, you’re giving China a veto over American foreign policy, which is what Biden has done in some respects.


Jy weet, the sad thing about this is, is dit China is failing. It’s failing on its own because it’s got a contracting economy and it’s got a debt crisis, worsening food shortages and COVID-19, which it can’t deal with. And so this is the time for us to go back to that Reagan posture and say, kyk, the free world must win. The world must be free, because if it’s not free, we know what happens. So this is serious.

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