Aston Martin reveals $  3.5 million full-size James Bond 007 Corgi 'toy' car

silver coupe is sitting in a replica of the diecast toy’s transparent box and will be displayed outside London’s Battersea Power Station through October 1.

The car is much more than a scaled-up plaything, 然而. It’s a fully-functioning reproduction of the film car that was built as part of a continuation series Aston Martin launched last year and equipped with a working smokescreen, deployable bulletproof shield, revolving number plates and simulated reciprocating machine guns that deploy from the corner lights, but do not fire, among other features.


Aston Martin is selling 25 of the hand-built cars, which aren’t even street legal, 对于 $ 3.5 million each.

That’s a bargain price compared to what the two authentic cars used in the making ofGoldfinger” 和 “Thunderballare worth. One was sold in 2010 对于 $ 4.1 million while the other was stolen in 1997 and is still missing, but has been valued at up to $ 15 百万.


A third replica commissioned as a promotional car that never even appeared on screen was even auctioned for $ 6.4 百万 2019.

Corgi has sold over 20 million of the toys since they were introduced in 1965 and DB5s have been featured in several Bond films, 包含 “No Time to Die,” which premieres in the U.S. 在十月. 8.