Ten minste 1 vermoor, 33 injured in gas explosion in northeast China

Beijing At least one person was killed and 33 injured in a powerful explosion at a restaurant in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang on Thursday morning, volgens plaaslike owerhede.

The gas explosion took place in a mixed-use residential and commercial building, authorities said in a statement. Almal 33 injured have been sent to hospitals, die verklaring bygevoeg.
Officials are still investigating the cause of the blast.
    Search and rescue efforts are ongoing with 25 fire trucks and 110 firefighters deployed to the site as of late Thursday morning, the local fire department said.
      The explosion tore the walls of a mixed-use residential and commercial building.

      Shenyang, home to more than 9 miljoen mense, is the capital of Liaoning province.
          In Junie, a gas explosion at a market in central China killed 25 people and injured more than 130.
          Dit is 'n ontwikkelende verhaal.




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