Almeno 13 uccisi e dozzine di dispersi dopo che il tifone Molave ​​sferza il Vietnam

Giovedì il Vietnam ha dispiegato centinaia di soldati e macchinari pesanti per cercare sopravvissuti dopo le frane provocate dalle piogge torrenziali del tifone Molave, one of the strongest typhoons in the region in decades, the government said.

The landslides, which hit remote areas in the central province of Quang Nam a day earlier, ucciso 13 con 40 missing as rescue efforts were hampered by bad weather at the tail end of the storm, the government said.
We can forecast the storm path or the amount of rain, but can’t predict when landslides happen,” deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said in a statement.
The road is covered under deep mud and heavy rains are still lashing the area, but rescue work has to be carried out quickly.
    Since early October, Vietnam has been battered by storms, heavy rains and floods which have affected more than a million people.
    The government said Typhoon Molave had left millions of people without electricity and damaged 56,000 case.
    Twenty-six fishermen also remain missing after their boats sank when trying to return to shore on Tuesday.
      Molave has weakened to a tropical depression after making landfall on Wednesday and is expected to reach Laos later on Thursday.
      Heavy rain of up to 700 millimeters (27.5 pollici) will continue in parts of central Vietnam until Saturday, Vietnam’s weather agency said.

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