At least 30 killed in train station missile strike in eastern Ukraine as civilians try to flee Russian onslaught

Lviv, Ukraine At least 30 people, including two children, were killed after Russian forces carried out a missile strike on a railway station in eastern Ukraine that was being used by civilians trying to flee the fighting, a regional official said Friday.

Tetiana Ihnatchenko, a spokeswoman for the region of Donetsk where the attack took place, said that first responders had confirmed the initial casualty figures and warned the numbers were likely to rise. At least 100 injuries have been reported so far.
The eastern city of Kramatorsk was one of the first places to be targeted by the Russian military when the invasion of Ukraine was launched on February 24. Ihnatchenko said Ukrainians had been using the train station since late February to evacuate the region.
    “The Russians knew that thousands of people are there (at the train station) every day,” she said.
      Two missiles struck the station, according to the head of Ukraine’s national rail system, Oleksandr Kamyshin. Pavlo Kyrylenko, the head of Donetsk regional military administration, said the Russian military used Iskander short-range ballistic missiles.

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