At presidential debate, Trump needs to ‘smoke Joe Biden out’ on 6 politiche: Ari Fleischer

At presidential debate, Trump needs to ‘smoke Joe Biden out’ on 6 politiche: Ari Fleischer

President Trump “needs to smoke Joe Biden out” on a host of policy positions at the first presidential discussione, said Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer on Tuesday.

Fleischer told “Sala stampa americana” the president needs tomake [Biden] state his liberal policieson six issues.

The former White House press secretary said, “Uno, President Trump should say, ‘I will veto any legislation to pack the Supreme Court, will you do that, Joe?’ ‘I oppose efforts to cut police funding. New York cut a billion dollars, I oppose it. Joe, where are you?'”


The other issues: drivers licenses for illegals as New York did. ‘I oppose it, where are you, Joe? Sanctuary cities, I oppose them. Joe, Fai?’

‘Hillary Clinton proposed taxes, you proposed higher taxes twice as high as Hillary’s. Joe, I oppose that, why are you for higher taxes? E, infine, fracking and American energy independence, I oppose efforts to end fracking, where are you, Joe?’” Fleischer said.

"Fox News domenica” host Chris Wallace will moderate, and the format for the first showdown calls for six 15-minute segments – with each segment dedicated to a particular topic.

La settimana scorsa, Biden said that he’s begun to prepare for the upcoming debate and that his preparation would intensify Thursday. La settimana scorsa, President Trump also brought up Biden’s 47 years of experience and said he assumes Biden’s “going to do great” during the first presidential debate, then went on to slam the former vice president.

Fox News’ Morgan Phillips ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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