Amptenaar van Atlanta wat betrokke was by noodlottige skietery by die nagklub, sê die polisie

'N Polisiebeampte van Atlanta, wat nie van diens was nie, was betrokke by 'n skietery buite 'n nagklub wat een man Sondagoggend dood en twee beseer het, sê die polisie.

Die skietery het rondom gebeur 4 am. near the entrance of the club downtown after a dispute between a patron and a security guard, Atlanta Police Spokesman Officer Steve Avery said.
Die offisier, who was working an extra job outside the club, responded afterthe dispute escalatedand shots were fired, according to Avery.
The officer fired his weapon, Avery said.
    It is not clear at this point who shot whom, but three people were shot in the incident. One person was pronounced dead at the scene, one person was taken to the hospital in serious condition but expected to survive, and one person suffered a minor injury. The officer was not injured,” said Avery.
    In keeping with normal procedure, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was notified and will lead the investigation into the incident, Avery said.
    The GBI later identified the men who were shot.
    Frederick Demor Asberry, 25, of Douglasville, is doodgeskiet,” the GBI said in a release. An autopsy will be performed by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, dit het gesê.
    Byron Heron, 33, and Andrew Smith, 30, were taken to a hospital. Heron was in critical condition, the GBI said, and Smith was treated and released.
      Several firearms were recovered at the scene. It is unknown at this time which weapons are associated with the gunshot wounds of the three victims,” GBI said.
      The GBI has not named the officer involved.

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