Australian authorities offer A$  1 million reward for missing 4-year-old Cleo Smith

西オーストラリア州政府は 1 百万オーストラリアドル ($ 750,000) 遠隔地の沿岸地域で6日間行方不明になった4歳の少女の行方につながる情報に対する報酬.

Cleo Smith vanished from her family’s tent at Blowholes campsite in Macleod, 約 50 キロメートル (30 マイル) north of the town of Carnarvon, in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to Western Australian Police.
それ以来, search teams have been scouring rough terrain and nearby sea, but so far they have found no sign of the child or her black and red sleeping bag.
    Detectives say they hold “重大な懸念” for Cleo’s safety, as they believe the zipper to open the tent was too high for her to reachindicating she may have been abducted.
      Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan and Police Minister Paul Papalia announced the reward Thursday, which will be given for information resulting in finding Cleo, or leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people involved in her disappearance.
        They said they werepraying for a positive outcome.
        Cleo was last seen sleeping wearing a pink/purple one-piece sleep-suit with a blue and yellow pattern.

        I’d hope most people would willingly come forward if they had information that could assist police, but if this reward motivates someone to help police bring Cleo home, then the government is more than happy to offer it,” Papalia said.
          火曜日に, Cleo’s distraught mother, Ellie Smith, and Smith’s partner, Jake Gliddon, made a public appeal for help to find the girl.
          We’ve had so much family help us, support us. But you know like everyone asks us what you need, all we really need is our little girl home,” Smith told CNN affiliate 9 ニュース.
          Smith described her daughter as beautiful and delicate withthe biggest heart.
          Every day she wants to wear a princess dress,” 彼女は言いました. “She’s so sweeteverything you’d want in a little girl.

          She disappeared in the night

          Smith last saw Cleo, her eldest daughter, inside the family’s tent at 1:30 午前, when the girl asked for a drink of water. Both went back to sleep.
          When Smith next woke at 6:00 午前. to feed Cleo’s younger sister, the 4-year-old was missing.
          Cleo was on a mattress, our little baby was in a cot right next to her, we had a divide and then we were on a blow-up mattress as well,” Smith told 9 ニュース.
          “(午前中に) I went into the other room, the zipper was open and Cleo was gonethe tent was completely open, it was about 30 センチメートル (11.8 インチ) from being open.
          Smith and Gliddon are from Carnarvon and are familiar with the Macleod area, による 9 ニュース. The family said when they discovered Cleo was missing, they searched nearby places they used to go as children.
          When it became clear she had vanished, they phoned police.
          Search teams concentrated on the water first, then switched to land, searching a number of shacks located along the coastline at the campsite. Nothing was found.
          Cleo was last seen sleeping in a red and black sleeping bag.

          The search

          Bad weather hampered the search for several hours on Tuesday. 水曜日に, State Emergency Service (SES) rescue workers scanned an area of 4 square kilometers (2.5 square miles) around where Cleo was last seen.
          Drones were sent over rough seas off nearby cliffs and SES crews combed the terrain on foot, in vehicles and on quad bikes.
          In a news conference on Wednesday, WA Police Inspector Jon Munday told reporters police would not stop searching until they were convinced Cleo was no longer in the search area.
          It is frustrating and it’s disheartening,” Munday said.
          No suspects have emerged in the case, and Munday said police had no reason not to believe what they were told by Smith and Gliddon.
          There is nothing to indicate to us that that account is anything but accurate and truthful,” Munday said. All registered sex offenders in the area had been questioned, 彼が追加した.
            Munday said police had not discounted any scenario and were purely focused on finding Cleo.
            We are not taking anything off the table,” 彼は言った. “We are just exhausting all the opportunities and all the possibilities.