Australian rugby league player banned for placing 'a hand between the buttocks' of an opponent

호주 럭비리그 선수인 코리 노먼(Corey Norman)이 8경기 출장 정지와 500파운드(약 50만 원)의 벌금형을 선고받았다. (약 $ 605) ...에 대한 “국제적으로(ing) 상대 선수의 엉덩이 사이에 손,” the Rugby Football League announced on Wednesday.

The incident occurred between Toulouse’s Norman and Warrington WolvesOliver Holmes during the two teamsmatch last Thursday.
The 31-year-old Norman, 누가 보냈다 11 years playing in Australia’s National Rugby League before joining Toulouse in April, pled not guilty to the offense.
    But tribunal chair Justice Sarah Wright and the two side members, both former players, 했다 “entirely satisfiedthe act was intentional.
      Holmes complained about the incident during the match and also provided a statement to the tribunal.
        The footage of the incident shows a deliberate movement of Corey Norman’s left arm and hand over the top of Oliver Holmes and on to his buttocks,” the ruling said.
        At no point does the footage show a grabbing of the shorts to push Oliver Holmes down as described by Corey Norman.
            Norman initially announced his retirement from rugby league at the end of last year before returning to the sport with Toulouse on a contract running until the end of the current season.
            The French side is currently bottom of the Super League with four games left to play this season.

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