Authorities found materials that could be used to make explosives in a Queens home following a fire

Materials that could be used to make explosives were found in a Queens home after a fire was reported in part of the house Tuesday, 当局は言った.

The property’s landlord found items that raised concern after the fire in the downstairs portion of the residence was extinguished, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism for the New York Police Department said.
Investigators discovered books on military explosives and boobytraps in the home, as well as chemicals and some written material, ミラーは言った.
The individual who lives in the residence was described as “取り乱した” and was taken to a local hospital for observation, ミラーは言った. He could face charges.
    Right now he is a patient in a hospital as an emotionally disturbed person,” ミラーは言った. “While we continue this investigation, if charges are warranted, they will be brought.
      Lt. Mark Torre of the NYPD bomb squad said there wasno completed improvised explosive device in the residence.
      The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are assisting the New York Police Department in the investigation.




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