Avengers Campus preview shows off web slinging Spider-Man, Dr Strange and more ahead of opening

After facing a significant delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland in California is preparing to open its newest land. Based on the popular Marvel superheroes and Avengers franchise, Avengers Campus is ready to open on June 4th.

Fox News was able to attend a preview event that showcased the new land and many of its features. The 6-acre area will feature a variety of rides and attractions based on popular comic book and movie superheroes.

Guests visiting the Avengers Headquarters area of the land may witness Black Widow and Black Panther fighting the villainous Taskmaster, for example. Also, Disney created an incredibly lifelike animatronic Spider-Man that can be seen launching into the air and swinging from certain buildings. This animatronic appears to have been combined with a real-life stunt actor to create an incredibly realistic-looking Spider-Man experience.

Guests can also encounter Dr. Strange, who may be seen battling magical creatures from time to time.


David Anthony, a producer for Disney Live Entertainment, explained, “Doctor Strange teaching us the ways of the mystic arts. The Dora Millaje teaching us the ways of the Wakandans. Of course the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ still doing their awesome dance-off outside of Mission Breakout. And we have the Amazing Spider-Man that you will see literally swinging across the rooftops.”

The new land will feature two rides at launch: Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout and the brand new Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure.

In footage of the Spider-Man ride, guests can be seen participating in an interactive adventure where they help the superhero fight malfunctioning spider bots. The ride uses special glasses and riders are able to use their hands to help “web blast” the robots.


A senior software project manager for Walt Disney Imagineering, Jeff Elbert, explained, “We leverage artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning…. What we do 60 times a second is we’re tracking your shoulder, elbow and wrist positions…. So it looks like the webs are shooting straight out of your hands.” 

Web Slingers will utilize a virtual queue system which will be accessible by the Disneyland mobile app, according to the Disney Parks Blog. The ride is using a similar system that the park used when it opened Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and guests will only be able to book a spot on a boarding group twice a day: at 7 am and 12 pm.

The blog also revealed that the Avengers Campus land will only be allowing a limited number of guests in at a time, although the park is creating a standby queue which will be activated once the area reaches capacity.

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