Avril Lavigne partners with real-life 'Sk8er boi' Tony Hawk in TikTok debut

Avril Lavigne has joined forces with a trueSk8er Boilegend to mark her Tik의 톡 데뷔.

In a video posted to her social media account Monday, the Canadian songstress is lip-syncing her way through the 2002 히트.
Set against a sunny beach backdrop, Lavigne is dressed in black shorts and a T-shirt, complete with a red and blue striped tie.
    As the song gets to the chorus, “He was a skater boy/She said, ‘See ya later, boy,'” the camera shifts from Lavigne to professional skateboarder Tony Hawknow wearing the tieas he performs stunts on a beachfront ramp.
      Though now in his fifties, Hawk is the ultimate skater boy, having taken up the sport when he was 9 years old after his brother gave him his first boardand turning professional just five years later.
        Hawk dominated skateboarding competitions in the 1980s and 90s. He was named top vertshort for verticalskater every year from 1984 ...에 1996. He won 73 titles and has invented dozens of skateboarding moves.
        Lavigne’s TikTok video was timed to coincide with Go Skateboarding Day, an annual celebration of the sport which first began in California in 2004.
          Hawk also released a short clip to his 인스 타 그램 page of Lavigne having a go at skating. The accompanying caption read: “긴급 속보: Sk8er Boi singer learns skating move from old Sk8ter Man.
          비디오에서, the talented singer tentatively leaps off the ramp only to come off the board and fall on her hands and knees. But that does not deter her from getting straight back on and having another, moderately more successful, attempt.
          Lavigne commented on the post: “Thanks for teaching me to drop in Sk8er Manlegend.
          This was not the musician’s first public outing on a board.
            지난 달, she posted a video on 인스 타 그램 of herself falling off a skateboardshowing the sport is not quite as easy as Hawk makes it look.
            Hope this makes you laugh as hard as it’s made my friends and I laugh all week,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “That’s what I get for sk8ing in my slippers and dress.

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