Axios CEO VandeHei admits media ‘remains fairly cluelessabout America outside big cities

Axios CEO VandeHei admits media 'remains fairly clueless' about America outside big cities

Axios CEO and co-founder Jim VandeHei has offered someblunt 2020 lessonsfor the media and called forsome clear-eyed, humble self-reflectionamid the fallout from the 대통령 선거.

The media remains fairly clueless about the America that exists outside of the big cities, where most political writers and editors live,” VandeHei wrote Friday. “The coverage missed badly the surge in Trump voters in places obvious (rural America) and less obvious (Hispanic-heavy border towns in Texas). Let’s be honest: Many of us under-appreciated the appeal of Trump’s anti-socialism message and the backlash against the defund-the-police rhetoric on the left.


Vandehei also said the media, 만큼 잘 “many Democrats,” 아르 “fairly clueless” 약 “the needs, wants and trends of Hispanic voters,” noting that Hispanicswill shape huge chunks of America’s political future, so a course correction is in order.

He then turned to the polls, admitting that theytoo often suckedby showing President-elect Joe Biden leading President Trump by much wider margins in key swing states than the final result indicated. 게다가, several GOP lawmakers polled way behind their Democratic challengers throughout the campaign, only for many of them to handily win reelection.

Stop justifying or spinning the reality that public and private polls blew it in too many places, from Wisconsin to individual House races,” VandeHei said. “예, some were better than others, but many were off by a very distorting margin.

He then warned that themedia filter bubble is getting worseon both the left and the right.


This is an urgent sign that we are collectively losing the battle for truth and open debate,” VandeHei explained. “This could still get much worse if Trump supporters choose not just networks but social platforms like Parler and Rumble for consuming and sharing their reality and liberals simply do the same in more traditional places.

VandeHei went on to call Twitter amass-reality-distortion field for liberals and reportersand argued thatgroup-think and liberal high-fivingcontinue to be amassive trap and distraction for journalists.He added that Facebook plays a similar role for conservatives, while YouTube is a problemfor people of all stripes.

Look at the [페이스 북] content pages that get the most daily interaction (shares, likes, etc.) and it’s all right-wing catnip,” 그가 썼어. “It’s not all fake or conspiratorial, but a lot of it sure is. This is a huge problem.

FOX 뉴스 앱을 받으려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

The bottom line: We are losing the war for truth,” VandeHei concluded. “There is no bigger crisis for media, politics and society than the growing number of people who do not believe facts and verifiable figures. If we do not collectively solve this, we are all screwed.

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