Baby dies after mother puts him on 'Biblical Diet' to avoid carrying 'a fat-a-- 儿童:' reports

福克斯民族 Nancy Grace dedicated Monday’s episode of “犯罪故事” 卡梅里·加里克斯(Kameri Garriques)去世, 警方发现一名昏迷者 911 呼叫. 七个月大的婴儿于10月被宣布死亡。 30, the NYPD confirmed to The New York Post.

Kameri’s mother, who identified herself only as Carla, 28, reportedly told the outlet that her baby was veganat the end of the day.Carla held up a copy of the Bible during a home interview with the Post to explain why she imposed dangerous food restrictions on her newborn.


Vegan means that everything that’s in this Bible,” she said in her family’s home in St. Albans, Queens.

I’m very wise. I’m very smart and I read my Bible.

Carla reportedly denied any wrongdoing and insisted that her baby wasn’t underweight. When her mother said, “I have to be honest with you, he was small,” Carla fired back, “I’m a small person. 我是 100 磅. I’m not a fat-awoman where I’m going to carry a fat-achild.

The case has been ruled a homicide by the Medical Examiner’s Office, the NYPD told the Post. Authorities say Kameri is suspected to have been malnourished.

While no one has been charged with the infant’s death, law enforcement officials are reportedly considering Carla as a person of interest.

Grace said on her show Tuesday that Carla attempted to disappear after the cause of death was revealed. Her reaction points toa definite consciousness of guilt,” attorney and Family Violence Unit Chief in the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, Melissa Hoppmeyer, told Grace.

It shows a definite consciousness of guilt. I think it’s an important piece of evidence, not only for the investigation but for the prosecution later to show that this wasn’t accidental, this wasn’t because she doesn’t know how to raise childrenthis is because she made a decision and she was premeditated in that decision,” Hoppmeyer said.

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