Baier: La conferma di Amy Coney Barrett rappresenta la 'più grande vittoria’ per McConnell, Senato GOP

Baier: Amy Coney Barrett confirmation represents 'biggest win' for McConnell, Senato GOP

Il confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett al Corte Suprema is symbolic of thebiggest win by farfor Senate Republicans over their six years in the majority, Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier toldTucker Carlson stasera” Lunedi.

Not only the Supreme Court justices, but the dozens and dozens of federal judges on different courts that President Trump and Sen. McConnell had steered into nomination and confirmation,” Baier told host Tucker Carlson.

On the other side, Baier said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., aveva “signalledwhat would happen if Democrats take control of the chamber in January.

Doing away with the filibuster and possibly packing the court or doing some other major systemic changes to the judicial branch,” Baier said.


Host Tucker Carlson added that Schumer’s Democrats have also entertained the idea of admitting Puerto Rico as the 51st state in the uniona move that would essentially guarantee two more Democratic seats in the long term.

Più avanti nel segmento, Baier noted that Democrats had seemed apprehensive about personally attacking Barrett in the way they attacked Trump’s previous nominee, Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

There was a fear of a backlash from people who looked at Judge Barrett, the mother of seven, really accomplished jurist, e detto, ‘Why are you going after this person?'” Egli ha detto.

I think they looked at the electoral fallout of talking about her [cattolico romano] religion and they stayed away from it.

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