Baier presses Klobuchar on why Biden is moving further to the left

Why do you think President Biden’s approval numbers are so low?” Baier asked on特別レポート.” “Critics of his administration say it’s because he’s focusing on the wrong things, and the American people are expressing that. Why do you think it is?”


バイデン大統領 (AP写真/エヴァン・ヴッチ)

I think that President Biden is a good man, and he came into office where I don’t think anyone would want to do in the middle of a pandemic … It has not been easy,” Klobuchar said. “I think we need to do something on immigration reform, 正しい? You and I have talked about this before in town hall meetings during the presidential campaign, and I think that would make a big difference.


A January Quinnipiac poll found Biden’s approval to be at 33 パーセント, with the majority of Americans disappointed in the president’s handling of COVID-19, 外交政策, and the economy.

The poll reflects historic inflation, インクルード アフガニスタンからの撤退, and Biden’s failure toshut down the virusas he promised during the 2020 選挙.

A Fox Business poll found in December that the majority of Americans said 2021 was a bad year for their families and that they were not hopeful about the country’s future.

High gas prices are posted at a full service gas station in Beverly Hills, カリフォルニア, 日曜日, 11月. 7, 2021.

High gas prices are posted at a full service gas station in Beverly Hills, カリフォルニア, 日曜日, 11月. 7, 2021. ( (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes))

You don’t think he’s gone too far left with what he’s been pitching, and you’re not concerned that you’re going to alienate Sens. [ジョー] Manchin and [キルステン] Sinema with progressives kind of going after them with incendiary rhetoric?” Baier asked.

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I can’t help but go back to the infrastructure. I was there at the bill signing, and he featured Sen. Sinema and thanked Sen. Manchin for his work on that. I think he’s ready to work with everyone,” 彼女は言いました. “I think what the president has said is that he’s going to go back and look at this big piece of legislation and see how he can divide it up and get some things done. That’s what the American people want.