Baylor’s Kim Mulkey unhappy playing amid pandemic: ‘Almighty dollarclearly more important

Baylor's Kim Mulkey unhappy playing amid pandemic: 'Almighty dollar' clearly more important

Legendary 贝勒 women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey was back on the sidelines for the first time in almost a month as the No. 6 Lady Bears lost to 爱荷华州 75-71.

Mulkey, along with the rest of the team, was dealing with coronavirus issues. She contracted COVID-19 on Christmas Day after contact with someone in her family who tested positive. She was able to rejoin the team on Jan. 4 but tested positive again and the team went on a pause.


With all the issues, Mulkey was asked after Saturday’s loss to Iowa State whether she felt like the season was going to be completed. Mulkey was quite confident in her response.

The answer is this: The season will continue on. It’s called the almighty dollar,” 她说, 通过 ESPN. “The NCAA has to have the almighty dollar from the men’s tournament. The almighty dollar is more important than the health and welfare of me, the players or anybody else.


One conference does this, one conference does that. The CDC says this. Everybody is confused. I’m confused. I’m uncomfortable coaching. 我明白, COVID is real. 我吃过了 — come talk to me sometime. But I don’t knowall the calls and procedures, that’s gonna go on and make it unusual, uncomfortable for every program. We’re no different at Baylor.

It was Baylor’s first loss at home since Feb. 6, 2017, and first regular-season conference loss since last March.