Ben Domenech on 'Kilmeade Show': 'Americans see the truth with their own eyes'


BEN DOMENECH: That’s the whole thing that is so fraudulent about the way that the Biden administration has approached this. They would really like this to be a group of Americans that are solidly in one political camp so that they could get away with demonizing them. But Americans actually are able to look and see what’s really going on around them. And they see the fact that Dr. ファウチ, when he says the college football events, those gatherings are going to turn into super spreader events, and then they can see that that doesn’t happen. They could see the truth with their own eyes, and it’s impossible to get away with this kind of demonization. …

The level of resistance to these mandates – it is diverse, it is spread across the country, there’s a bunch of different motivations for it. And if you sit down and actually talk to people who have made this determination, you will find that they are not wild-eyed and crazy. They actually have, for the most part, thought through this. They’ve been serious about this, and we should respect them as Americans in that and not keep decrying and demonizing them the way that this administration, which was supposed to be this vaunted force for unity and bringing the country back together, has done.